A German Shephard dog walking towards us in a creek, mouth slightly open, one ear standing up and the other ear flopped.
Client Review~

"Those are great photographs! I know they're dogs but they're our babies! You should have been shooting a long time ago."

Tammy P.

German Shepherd dog, standing in a creek, shaking and water drops flying off her coat.
A Doodle dog sitting on a rock with trees behind her, alerted towards something away from us.
A gray Labrador puppy facing the camara with bright blue eyes.
A profile of a Blue Heeler dog standing in a snowy field with snow falling.
A cattle dog running towards the camara with all her feet off the ground.
Two dogs walking away from the camera in a field.
A black and white photo of a dog chasing a loping horse.
A small Havadoodle sitting next to a larger Doodle and looking up at her.
A Blue Heeler puppy standing in grass, facing us.  Her ears are not standing up, but she is a alert and curious.
A blue heeler dog standing in a field of tall grass looking towards us.