Experience the Photography Session of Your Dreams with Your Horse

A young woman in a blue dress, white boots and a blue cowboy hat standing in a field next to a gray horse.

Styled Sessions

Dresses, styled outfits, or whatever fits your spirit in a session where I'll help you "pose" through a series of actions to capture the most natural looking interactions with your horse. These are perfect for high school seniors that want to include their horse, capturing the horse and rider bond, memorializing your accomplishments, or a celebration of life session.


  • 2 outfit changes
  • your edited images delivered to your gallery. 

A man riding towards us on a gray horse with the sun setting in the background.

Lifestyle Sessions

Perfect for those that want to catch "a day in the life" photos. I'll be a fly on the wall and shoot photos of you in your element.  Training sessions, roping, branding, jumping, dressage... the sky is the limit. These can include time while preparing for and cleaning up from your riding session which make some of the most intimate photos of you with your equine partner.


  • normal clothes for that day
  • your edited images delivered in your gallery. 
An Appaloosa horse in front of a black background.

Black Background Sessions

Your horse posed for still shots, typically in a nice bridal or halter. I'll edit the photos to eliminate the background and accentuate the colors, shadows, and details of your horse.

You can pick your favorite horse photos and those will be edited to create a fine art photo perfect for decorating your favorite space.

  • Headgear can be removed in processing.
  • Session price is per horse due to the detailed editing process.

How do I receive my pictures?

I'll create an online gallery just for you. We will set a viewing appointment to look through all your pictures to choose which ones you want to use.

Can I download my pictures?

Any image that you order for artwork will be available for you to download in an image size perfect for sharing to social media.

How should I prepare for my horse's black background session?

See my blog on Preparing for Your Horse's Photography Session

How should I dress for my stylized session?

You can dress up as much or as little as you want. Some may want to wear a dress or dress shirt and others may prefer to have ripped jeans. If you need help, we can always talk it through while prepping for the session.

What should I wear for my lifestyle session?

Whatever you would typically wear while working with your animal is just fine. If you want to dress a little nicer that's great too. We are planning this session around your routine.

What’s the best time of day to have a session ?

The light is usually best in the early morning or late evening. It comes in at an angle and is a softer light. Midday sun is up higher and casts a more direct light. I prefer to do stylized early or later in the day; lifestyle sessions may need to be earlier in the day. Mid day sessions may give you the kind of picture you have in mind though. We can talk through it and I can show you examples to help you decide what is best for you.

A dark image of a man sitting on a horse holding his rope.