A black longhorn cow nuzzling her calf lying on a pile of hay.
A brown calf walking through a field toward the camera.
A red spotted Longhorn cow looking at a Beagle who is sniffing the grass, his butt is facing us. Fall trees behind them.
A brindle and while Longhorn cow standing in short green grass while her yellow and white calf nurses.
A yellow and white calf in a field of short green grass walking towards us.
Two tan colored calves eating grass with their heads close together.
A black and white picture of a speckled Longhorn cow nuzzling her calf.
A black Longhorn cow standing in front of green trees and in brown grass in the fall.
A red and white spotted cow with horns, looking at us with snow blown over her face and back.
A cream and white colored older calf looking at us with mud up to all four knees with fall trees behind him.
A red spotted cow grazing with the sun rising in the background in a cloudy sky.
A red and white cow with horns, lying in the grass, looking at us while her calf stands next to her head.