Have you ever felt like you needed something different in your life? Not a complete change, but something to make you feel whole, something for yourself... About a year and a half ago I was up for a promotion at work. It was one that I had planned to take if given the opportunity. I had taken industry classes and had been prepped for this position, however by the time the possibility came up, I was no longer sure that it was something I wanted. Thankfully my boss (and friend) also had realized that it may not be the right fit for me anymore.

I was now a mom to our son, my first/only child by birth. He has been a momma's boy since he was a baby and I love every minute of it. I also have other hobbies, the main one being horses which get a lot of the free time I do have. As my son has gotten older, we have talked about travel and different places we want to see and experience. He is currently very interested in wildlife and wants to see animals in all parts of the world in their natural habitats.

My husband has also recently retired. We've talked about places we would like to go and things we want to do. His interests involve live music and team roping. The goal is to spend some time in the winter in Arizona with the other horse people.

I had realized that I wanted to do something that depending on how life changed I could fall back on. Riding horses was not going to be that. I'm a pretty decent hand with a horse but training full time was not going to be my thing. When I was younger and in 4-H I had really enjoyed photography. At that time there was no "digital," only film cameras and I hadn't picked up a real camera in years. I found a good entry level camera and fell in love.

I decided I wanted to focus on photography that included my other love...horses. Equine photography is such a beautiful art, when done right. A horse, whether posed or free moving, is a beautiful sight. They have such power and (usually) grace, but they let us mere mortals train and control them. They put their trust in us to take care of them.

Please enjoy the first picture I took with said camera...

A blue Heeler dog sitting in field of fall grass.